Your First Visit

Overview of Your First Visit to Our Office

Please allow one hour of time for your first visit. Dr. Schwartz does a very thorough initial examination so you will be spending that amount of time with him. Also please arrive about 10 minutes early to fill out your intake paperwork and to have your insurance card copied (if you have one). Our paperwork is brief but we are required by law to have your fill out a privacy notice and get your consent to treat you.

If you have insurance it is best to give your insurance information to Barbara our front desk receptionist prior to your initial visit. This way she can call your insurance company and get your detailed benefits. Dr. Schwartz participates with just about all the insurance plans, still we need to know the address to send our claim forms and we need to know if you have a copay or a deductible.

After your examination Dr. Schwartz will tell you the diagnosis of your problem. If he feels he can help you then treatment can start immediately. If additional visits are needed and are mutually agreed upon by you and the doctor, then you will come to the front to schedule those with the front desk receptionist. In addition if you need any prescriptions for x-rays, MRI's, laboratory studies or other special tests they will be given to you at that time.

If Dr. Schwartz feels you won't be able help you, then he will refer you to another health care professional who he thinks would be better able to help you with your problem. Sometimes he will suggest that you treat with him and someone else like your medical doctor. This works quiet well in some cases.

That's it for the first visit. We suggestion that you read the "Your First Examination" page of this website. It will give you a lot more information the actual examination you will have with Dr. Schwartz. Here is a link to go directly there: Your First Examination.