Your First Examination

Your Initial Examination

Seeing Dr. Schwartz is a lot like seeing an orthopedist or a neurologist for the same problem with some additional specialized chiropractic procedures. First a full medical history (questions about your health) is taken. Then you have an orthopedic and neurological examination, followed by a chiropractic examination. Special tests may be ordered. This information-gathering process leads to an accurate diagnosis and a plan of treatment that is directed by Dr. Schwartz with your input.The entire process takes about one hour.

Communication with your other physicians

In most cases, Dr. Schwartz likes to communicate with your other physicians to let them know more about your health. This helps you overall because you now have more people working in a coordinated fashion to better your health. This communication may be in the form of a written report or a phone call. We always obtain your permission before we do this.

Details of the examination process

1. History of your current complaint

We need to know the details of your current complaint; its location, when and how it started, what treatments you have had and how they have helped, what activities make the problem better or worse and many other questions.

2. Past health history

Details of any past illnesses, surgeries, hospitalizations, medications, examinations and tests you have had are important. Your past history affects your current status.

3. Systems review

The doctor takes a systems review where he asks questions about the other systems in your body. Sometimes current or past problems you have had in your skin, heart, lungs gastrointestinal tract and other body systems will have an effect on your current complaint or problem.

4. Family history

Health problems tend to run in families. If you parents and siblings have joint problems you will be more likely to have to same.

5. Work history

The types of stresses that your work puts on your body are important. Sometimes altering the positions your body assumes at work can make a huge difference in your level of pain and discomfort.

7. General examination

After the history is taken we move onto the examination. Blood pressure, pulse, respiration and temperature are obtained. Why is this done? Because high blood pressure, circulation problems, infections can affect the muscles joints and bones.

8. Orthopedic examination

Specialized tests of the problem area are conducted. If you have a shoulder problem we do shoulder orthopedics, if you have a back problem we do back orthopedics etc.

9. Neurological examination

To determine the health of your nerves, Dr. Schwartz will test your reflexes, skin sensation, balance and strength. This is needed especially when you have pain that radiates down an arm or a leg, headaches, dizziness and other neurological symptoms.

10. Specialized chiropractic tests

Following all of the above, Dr. Schwartz looks at your posture, range of motion, movement patterns and muscle balance. These range of motion studies involve the regions of the body which all physicians should do, but also detailed joints assessments which are commonly only done by chiropractors. These tests help localize the problem and also determine which types of physical medicine procedures and exercises are best tailored to you unique body structure and health.

11. Special tests

If indicated special tests such as x-rays, blood or urine tests and advanced imaging tests (MRI, CT scan, Bone density, Ultrasound) will be ordered to confirm the diagnosis.


From all of the above history and examination procedures Dr. Schwartz is able to determine three things:

  1. The cause(s) of your problem.
  2. If you have a serious medical problem that would require referral for drugs, surgery or other procedures.
  3. The best way to apply his natural therapies. The goal being to get as healthy as possible as quickly as possible.

Treatment plan

Your treatment plan is the unique types of therapies, number of visits, and home care (usually exercises) that are best for you. Dr. Schwartz's goal is always to lead you in a direction that is best for your current and long term health. We realize that everyone who comes to us for help is unique. We also realize that people have limitations with regard to time and money. With that in mind, your treatment plan is created by both you and Dr. Schwartz. Our goal is to tell you what is best for you and educate you thoroughly about your problem. Then it is up to you. We will work with you regarding the number of visits you have.