Active Therapies

Most people are aware of the fact that exercise is very important to health. They may also know that it has been shown in research studies to be very helpful in the relief of back pain, neck pain and other joint pains in the body. This specific type of exercise is often termed therapeutic or rehabilitative exercise. Corrective exercise and movement training is a refinement of the basic therapeutic exercise techniques based upon Dr. Schwartz's extensive experience with exercise and body alignment techniques. This is one of the most effective techniques you will ever experience for healing.

Dr. Schwartz uses corrective exercise and movement training in all areas of the body and with all types of injuries. He has been trained extensively in these exercise techniques and has been applying them with patients for the past 15 years.

Rather than being a way of turning off your awareness, turning on your walkman and pumping and sweating until you are exhausted, corrective exercise and movement training is a conscious path to greater strength, flexibility and balance. The intent is to correct posture and movement patterns thus lessening strain on the joints and creating graceful movements. Although the therapy is movement oriented, strength is also trained and weights are used.

In our office we have a therapy area specifically for exercise. It is equipped with free weights, exercise bands, balance devices, exercise mats and gymnastic balls.

Sensorimotor Stimulation

This is a subset of therapeutic exercise which is very balance orientated. Rather than getting to technical, let's just say that is trains the nervous to induce better controlled movements in your body. By giving the body balance challenges and forcing you to exercise in an unstable environment (relative to your abilities of course), sensorimotor stimulation trains the intelligence of your muscles. By getting the muscles to tighten and relax at the correct times, the training has a profoundly positive effect in stabilizing your joints and relieving pain.

This technique is especially helpful in foot, ankle and knee injuries, back and neck pain and in disorders of balance. Dr. Schwartz trains patient with osteoporosis in a very safe and gentle way with this technique to help them prevent falls. He has been using it for 15 years.