Low Back Problems

Most experts consider low back pain to be a multi-factorial problem. To address such a problem a thorough system of evaluation and treatment is needed. This is why Dr. Schwartz utilizes the system that is called: Orthopedic Exercise the Brain Body Method.

Some people have low back pain after running or walking. Although generally speaking walking is a great form of fitness, running can sometimes be a problem for people with low back pain. If this is the case for you please watch this video. You'' ll get some practical advice that can help you immediately.

Low Back Pain is a very debilitating and costly problem. Almost everyone gets it in their lifetime and some people have chronic back pain. On the other hand it is a problem that is very easily treated if the correct treatment is applied preferably early on

As with all chronic problems. Success depends on thoroughness and attention to detail.

Please watch these short videos. These are our patients describing the treatment they have received in our office.