Hip Problems

The page of the website will help you make a good decision about who you should see for a problem in your hip area. If you have not yet consulted a chiropractic physician or another physician for your problem, this page will give you general information about hip problems: symptoms you are having, who to consult, how problems are diagnosed etc. If you have already seen someone you can learn information about specific conditions and how we treat them. You will also learn some of the circumstances under which we might need to refer you to someone else for drugs and surgical care. Sometimes we will co-treat: chiropractic care with us and medical care with someone else. The information on this website does not constitute a diagnosis and suggested treatment of your problem. This can only be done by seeing Dr. Schwartz or another thoroughly trained and experienced health care professional.

Hip Problems/Hip Pain

Find the cause of the pain!

It is important to be able to find the cause of your hip pain. If the pain in your hip is originating from your back and you are getting treatment on your hip only, this will not be good. Not only will you not get results but you will be delaying getting treatment of the real problem. This is why it is important to get a thorough examination. If you would like to set up an appointment to see Dr. Schwartz, use this link to email doctorj2@comcast.net or call us at (732) 698-7151. We can also set you up for a free telephone consultation with Dr. Schwartz if you would like.

You can learn more about some specific hip problems by following these links.

Hip Arthritis

Hip Bursitis and Tendinitis

  1. Hip pain can be located in the buttock, side of the buttock or the groin region. It may also radiate from the hip to the thigh, knee and even to the foot.
  2. Hip pain is common when you are on your feet. Walking, going up and down stairs, running and jumping all increase the pain of hip problems. Hip pain also may occur when you sit or get up from sitting.
  3. Clicking or snapping sounds are common in and around the hip. They occur with hip movements and are due to a variety of causes.
  4. Do you have pain on the outside of the hip when your sit with your legs crossed?
  5. Do you have pain when you first stand up to walk?
  6. Do you limp? Is your gait altered in any way by pain or stiffness?
  7. Many times hip pain, especially that on the back or outside of your hip, is actually originating in your back. This is called referred pain and is very common in the hip region. It may sound confusing that pain in your hip could be originating elsewhere, but this is how the human body works.