Nutrition School Visits

Dr. Schwartz presents informative, interactive and fun nutrition lectures for children- and adults too

Dr. Schwartz provides age-appropriate instruction for children from 1st grade to high school.

Some topics include:

  • Basic introduction to food groups: vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, grains, legumes and nuts
  • Basic introduction to nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamin and minerals, water
  • Learn about personal responsibility and making informed choices. Basic instruction in reading food labels
  • How to identify real food vs. processed food
  • Environmental impact of the food system
  • Importance of learning to cook food

Some sample questions from a 4th grade class:

  • Is it better to have foods with more fat or more sugar?
  • How do I get whole grains?
  • How come you didn’t let us drink the Cherry 7up?
  • Is it fun being a nutrition doctor?
  • How many vitamins should I take in a week?
  • Are Fruit Loops healthy?
  • How many different types of cancer are people able to get by not eating the right foods?
  • Do you get exercise playing the Wii, Game Cube etc.?
  • When people lose a good amount of weight can they eat junk food again?
  • If you have diabetes do you take a needle after every meal or at the end of every day?
  • Is it OK to break the rules once in a while?

Some typical questions from teachers/parents about their student’s/child’s nutrition.

  • My child is a “picky eater”. How can I get my child to eat more vegetables and fruits?
  • How do I know if my child has an intolerance to wheat, soy, dairy etc.?
  • I’ve heard the Omega 3 fats are important for brain development. What is the best food source for Omega 3’s?
  • Is it safe for a child to be a vegetarian?
  • What fish are the safest for my child to eat?
  • What type of yogurt should kids eat?
  • Eating at restaurants – what are the best food choices?
  • How many servings of fruits/vegetables should children have each day?
  • The health problems children will experience as an adult are the direct result of their health habits right now.

Help Your Child Make Healthy Food Choices

Dr. Joel Schwartz DC practices nutrition and preventative healthcare. He teaches community health lectures on the practical aspects of buying and preparing food, weight loss, and combating disease with nutrition. He speaks at schools across the state to children and teachers on the importance of healthy eating.