Ankle and Foot Problems

Getting Excellent Care for your Ankle or Foot Problem

If you haven't been to a chiropractic physician or other physician for your ankle or foot problem this section will help you make intelligent choices in planning your care. There is general information here about what symptoms you might experience with an ankle or foot problem. We also cover how we diagnose your problem and what treatment involves.

If you already have seen someone for your problem, have a diagnosis and perhaps have had some treatment you can learn more about your specific condition here.

You can also learn about the circumstances under which we will not be able to treat you but will refer you for drugs or surgical care. It is also possible that we will co-treat you with someone else: chiropractic care with us and drugs and surgery with a medical physician. Be careful not to assume however that you can diagnose yourself from these web pages. The information presented here, although detailed is intended to get you started in the right direction in finding someone who can really help you. Accurate diagnosis of medical problems takes years of training and experience.

Ankle and Foot Problems in General

The ankle and foot are usually painful when they are bearing weight. Standing, walking, running or going up and down stairs can make the pain worse.

Sometimes the actual cause of ankle and foot pain does not lie in the ankle or foot itself. It is common for the back, hips or knees to be the cause of ankle and foot symptoms. This is called referred pain. This makes diagnosis extremely important because you don't want to be getting treatment of your ankle when the real cause of the problem is the back. This is not only a waste of time but can make your condition worse because you are not treating the right area.

For information on some specific ankle and foot problems click the links here.